Is it for me/us?.....

Never give up on your dreams no matter what they are!

What you Need!

"You gotta have a dream
if you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true?"

 ....(those old enough should recognise the words of that song!) haha

So if you have the dream to play, that's a good start as to knowing if learning is going to be for you, but below are the practicalities for making your dream come true :-)


  • A piano/ digital piano or keyboard.  This is so that you will have an instrument to practice on - which is very important if you want to progress, and if you can get/or at least *have access* to a touch sensitive keyboard, then it will relate to the acoustic piano more, which is what I teach from.

  • Also, whilst I try my best to make lessons fun and creative, with the goal of engaging each student,  self motivation is needed from the student too, and in order to play all those wonderful songs you like - taking time to establish and understand basics are required - so patience is key :-) 


* whilst it is ideal for a student to have access to an instrument at home, as long as they have access to one, whether at school, a neighbour's or church etc, and can practice regularly, then that is the main point.

So, to RE-CAP:-


There are 3 major things YOU need/need to/will need, in order to decide if learning is for you - they are the 3 P's - similar to the discussion on what you need above....

(ok so there are other important P's when learning like "Passion and Persistence" etc., but you get my gist!)




Lessons are indeed important when you want to learn any new skill, and having a teacher to guide you in learning the piano is extremely helpful for any progress; however, it is how much of the 3 P's you have/can demonstrate, that will really determine your progress.

But what if I've never learned before - am I able to learn now?....
Piano can be for almost everyone (usually from the age of 5, depending on maturity), as you can see from the images below, and as my experience has evidenced - young children, boys and girls, men and women of almost ALL ages can learn!
If you WANT to learn, then that is half your battle in getting there  - after all "every accomplishment starts with the decision to TRY" :-)
Adorable Cute Girl Playing Piano Concept_edited

Young girl playing piano

Music Note Art of Sound Instrumental Concept

Music is fun for everyone

Hipster Girl Playing A Vintage White Piano_edited

Teenagers can play

little boy plays piano at home_edited

Young boys love piano

Four children with microphone and musical instruments_ toy piano, metallophone and toy trumpet_edite

Young rock band

Mother Smiling As Baby Plays Piano

Mother and baby

Music For Kids, Children With Instruments_edited

Never too young to learn

Smiling Female Musician Playing Sheet Music On Retro Piano

Never too old to learn

So if you have a Piano (or keyboard), have a real Passion to Play and are willing to be Patient, Persistent  and Pro-active in Practicing, then I will be more than Pleased to teach you :-)