-  Where, how long and what is included?....

The "Where"...

I work from my home in Bryntirion, Bridgend, CF313 4XA and offer 1-1 private piano lessons.  
NB:  Due to such a busy schedule, I am unable to offer the service to travelling to others homes.
A map with directions as below:-









The "How Long"...


The most popular length of lesson is 30 minutes, especially for younger children, however, longer can be requested for a more detailed lesson.
Adults will often start on 30 minutes, and then proceed onto 60 - however, this is all according to individual requests.

The "What is Included"...

Whilst each student's lesson will differ slightly from another, due to different ages and skill level, most lessons will entail the same important components, as illustrated below.....

And you thought it was just about notes right?  :-)

As you can see, learning the piano has so many more components:-

- posture, relaxation exercises, wrist and finger movement (technique)

- reading music (sight reading)

- playing music (performance)

- listening to music (aural/playing by ear)

- when the music should be played (rhythm and timing)

- how the music should be played (dynamics and articulation)

- games (for children)

- practice rewards (for children)

- scales (co-ordination)

- theory (written music)


But whilst that may sound a lot, we will take it just one step at a time, so that you can master each and every component confidently and successfully.

A lesson of 30 minutes, however, could not entail all the elements every lesson, so the above is an example of the types of things we may go through in lesson, and highlights that there are many facets to learning the piano, that you may not have realised. 

A typical lesson might include some finger exercises, performance work from various books used, and some theory work; however, as mentioned above, this could vary depending on the ages and skills of a student. i.e. for a younger child more games will be introduced, for an older student perhaps more repertoire work etc.

No two students abilities and interests will be the same, and therefore I do my utmost to work with each student to find out what really interests and motivates them, so that each lesson, even though using similar methods, will be tailored to each student.

..........and one last thing we never go without is a note book, so that we can review work as we are going along, and you have notes to work with when you are away from me, practicing at home :-)