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5* Review from Laura - Parent of Student Daughter. Age 14 years.

Liz is such a friendly, patient teacher; she communicates well with both my daughter and me. Liz is incredibly flexible, she's willing to re-schedule lessons as and when the need arises. I very much like the fact that Liz will teach for pleasure but is also able to teach to grade standard ... she exerts no pressure on her learners but is also supportive of their needs❤ I'm SO pleased with the lessons Liz has conducted with my daughter over the last year and a half. At present, I'm tremendously impressed with her ability to adapt to teaching remotely with very little notice👍 Thank you Liz for maintaining a bit of 'normality' for my daughter in these somewhat uncertain weeks🙂

5* Review from Caroline - Parent of Student Son. Age 7 years.

Liz is a fantastic piano teacher. Very patient and makes learning such fun for my 7 year old boy. He looks forward to the lessons every week. Liz has impressed us so much with her ability to adapt to situations, offering online lessons in the current climate (COVID-19) which are working so well for my son. Thank you Liz!

5* Review from Jill - Adult Returner


"What a delight & pleasure that I found Liz by chance one day . I have always wanted to restudy piano after a thirty year absence from playing. Liz is a phenomenal teacher, full of calm, understanding & patience with anyone at any level . But most of all it’s fun, I have learnt so much over this past year & would recommend her teaching to anyone who wishes to master this most beautiful instrument."


5* Review from Magdalena - Parent of Student Daughter. Aged 5 years.

Magdalena reviewed Piano Lessons with Liz – 

5 ****

Liz introduced our 5 year old Daughter to the world of music. Her attitude and approach to children is fantastic. She has the most calming, beautiful and fun way of teaching piano. We will always be ever so grateful for everything she has tought our Daughter. We would like to highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking about taking up piano. Words can't describe how lucky and happy we were to find Liz. She is by far THE BEST Piano Teacher in the area. Thank you Liz x

5* Review from Luke - Student - Age 28

Luke reviewed Piano Lessons with Liz – 

5 ****

With a very fun approach to learning, and clear experience of technique training, Liz comes recommended as the best piano teacher in the area.

Having had different teachers and accompanying disappointing results, Liz's lessons are a welcome change.  Her sessions are enjoyable, and her music knowledge is flawless. Her techniques, although sometimes a little quirky, have enhanced my style and playability, and have drawn out a better sound quality when playing.

I have no doubt that anyone that wishes to learn piano (or progress from their current level) will benefit from Liz's experience and expertise.

5* Review from Amy - Parent of Student Daughter. Age 6 years.

Amy reviewed Piano Lessons with Liz – 

5 *****

My daughter has been having piano lessons with Liz for a few months now. She is really enjoying her time learning the piano and Liz is just superb with her. My daughter is seven (was six when she started) and lacked confidence but after meeting Liz for the first time, she warmed to her instantly. Liz is a warm, welcoming and relaxed teacher. The lessons are packed with fun and Liz uses some fab techniques to keep my daughter interested in the piano. Thank you Liz! We look forward to many more lessons with you in the future.

5* Review from Leah - Primary School Teacher and Student - Age 28

Leah reviewed Piano Lessons with Liz – 

5 *****

I have been having piano lessons with Liz since February and thoroughly enjoy them. I was a total beginner to piano and needed to start from the very beginning which Liz has been fab at and helped me so much along the way. I highly recommend Liz as she is friendly, happy and always there to help.

5* Review from Vicki - Primary Teacher & Student - Age 25

Vicki reviewed Piano Lessons with Liz – 

5 *****


I have been having piano lessons with Liz now for 3 months and I thoroughly enjoy her lessons. Liz is friendly, and as an adult learner I find her lessons are appropriate for my age, but also fun as she takes my interests into consideration! Liz takes notes each lesson for me so that I can remember what I need to practise for the following week which I find very useful and she also stocks the books that she teaches from so you can buy them directly from her.

If you are an adult looking to learn to play the piano I highly recommend Liz from Piano Lessons Bridgend :)

Harry - Student - Age 14


I started lessons when I was 8 and I have stuck with Liz ever since after multiple opportunities from school and nearer sources. I think it was because it was a friendly and not formal environment which I could look forward too and she gave plenty of rewards for hard work and practice.


Playing piano also started me with guitar and I am both grade two at each instrument. Because of my piano lessons and guitar experiences I have decided to choose piano as one of my GCSE options in February. Thank you Liz 

Jenny - Secondary Headteacher/Parent


Liz taught both my children the piano and they both enjoyed lessons as she made learning engaging.


She also set high targets and she expected them to both do theory homework.

Both children gained merits in a number of grades and Liz challenged them to be the best they can be.

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